WIP: Unimaginable


These two lovely actors are Alex Saxon and Landon Liboiron. I was totally mesmerized by them that I decided to have my new WIP based on their loveliness. Oh, this story of mine is a paranormal/fantasy story. I will share with you a very short excerpt from the beginning of the story. Mind you, it has not been beta-ed so please excuse the awkwardness. 🙂


“I don’t deserve you…”

Callum Saxon’s eyes widened. “No, hey.”

But the man, the most stunning man he’d ever seen, already made their distance wider. And wider. Until at one time Callum’s breath snapped. Ainsley Carlisle turned into trots and his long flowing blond hair was no longer. Mane. It was mane now, dancing in the wind, only it wasn’t supposed to be possible because they were under water, and the stride was more–more elegant, coordinated among those four legs. Four. Callum’s head was spinning. Ainsley, or a creature that used to be him, galloped still, away from him. But it wasn’t fast enough. Callum caught the sight of the horn, bouncing the moonlight on its tip, showing itself for all creatures on the bed of the lake to see.

A unicorn.



Can you tell which one is the unicorn? 🙂

Hope you like it!


One response to “WIP: Unimaginable

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