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Thank you for hosting new release MM romance,
v Falcon
: Surprise at
the Candy Apple

Chris Falconer receives an email from his lost high school friend, Justin, ten
years after he last saw him, Chris is overjoyed. The two boys had shared kisses
and sworn love for each other, but before their love could be tested, Justin’s
mother abruptly took Justin out of school, and they disappeared.
and handsome Chris is a cage fighter at Jack’s Clubhouse, and works in the
Candy Apple club. He writes a column for a fitness blog and keeps himself busy,
but deep down he’s never forgotten Justin—turns out Justin has never forgotten
Chris either.
a modeling assignment in New York, Justin sees Chris in a café and can’t help
contacting him, but his ex, Todd, who doesn’t want Justin but doesn’t want
Chris to have him either, has plans to throw their reunion into disarray.
begins a love story full of emotion. Will Todd succeed? Or this time, will
Justin and Chris have the happy ending and delicious love they deserve?

the second MM romance from the Candy Apple series, I picked up on the character
Hawk, the Dungeon Master in the Candy Apple. Chris Falconer is Hawk to the
dungeon surveillance staff, but to others he’s a lonely man who often thinks about
his past with regret. To the audience at Jack’s Clubhouse, where Chris cage
fights and provides display fight bouts, he’s a thrilling sight.

Chris is:
six foot, two
has dark glossy hair
has deep blue eyes
is kind and gentle
writes a blog for fitness and fight fans
loves sex and giving his partner pleasure
is muscled and handsome
when he’s not fighting, favors black suits,
or a leather jacket
is intelligent, multi-talented, calm and

Justin is:
  • a
    fashion model
  • six
    foot two
  • has
    dark hair
  • has
    clear blue/gray eyes
  • is
    lonely and had a stressful upbringing
  • has
    never forgotten Chris
  • needs
  • has
    lived in Denmark for many years
  • is
    hesitant and yet as soon as Chris begins to take care of him, he blossoms

story is sexy, romantic, sad, and happy. No one is more surprised than Chris
when he is contacted by long lost love Justin and he will do anything to give
Justin the love he needs.

an excerpt:
walked a pace behind Chris. It was such a relief to be near Chris, Justin’s
fatigue threatened to overwhelm him. Every muscle in his body felt heavy. His
gaze traced the broad shoulders and muscled thighs of the man in front. Chris’s
hair was well cut and his suit obviously expensive. Chris was even taller than
he’d been when Justin last saw him in person, but then so was he. Justin smiled
as a wave of tenderness crept over him followed by a sharp need to feel Chris’s
lips on his. He still loved Chris. He’d expected to find it was all in his
head, that the love was confined to memories, and real life would show him he
was mistaken, that love couldn’t last this long.
They were
in a corridor when Chris turned to him. “I’ve thought about you so much, I’m a
bit ashamed of myself for clinging to your memory, when you never called, when
you just disappeared.”
heart fell. Was Chris about to reject him now they were away from the bar, the
friendly barkeep, and bright white glow of the downlights there? “I’m sorry…”
“No. I
meant … I mean I still care for you. I couldn’t ever shake it. I never got
over you and it’s been … it’s been so long—you know I sometimes felt weak for
not letting go.”
gazed at Chris’s handsome face. “I thought about you.” He slid his hand along
Chris’s jaw. “I want to kiss you, so much.”
closed the small gap between their bodies as he grabbed Justin’s head and
brought his mouth down on Justin’s. Justin’s breath left him in a soft murmur.
His eyes closed in pleasure. He clung to Chris, desperation to stay with Chris,
never to go home, gripping him. All he could think of was starting again with
Chris, of the delicious drifting sensation that overcame him as Chris pressed
close. He kissed Chris over and over until he couldn’t breathe, and Chris held
his face away a little whispering words he’d longed to hear against his mouth
and dotting tiny kisses there between the phrases.
stay here, in the club. I can’t let you go, but I can’t leave work. I still
love you. I want to know where you’ve been all these years. Where do you live?
You must be a club member. I’ve not seen you here before. Can you stay until we
close? It will be late, but then we can talk—we can be together.”
closed his eyes and leaned his head on Chris’s shoulder. “Yes.”
folded Justin in his arms.
stayed within the comfort of the embrace until he knew he had to let Chris get
back to work. He raised his head and stepped away.
“I should
let you work. I’ll hang out at the bar.”
Chris gazed
into his eyes. “Thank you.” He kissed Justin gently. “Hell, you’ll never know
how good it feels to kiss you again.
Copyright Elodie Parkes Encompass Ink, 2016
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About: Love
Unmasked: At the Candy Apple
MM romance

Tom Wells sets lonely Scott Palmer’s heart racing as he watches Tom come and go
from his apartment across the street. Scott longs to meet Tom, and when he
scores a new job delivering goods for a local distributer, fate hands him the

Tom works in a nightclub—the Candy Apple, and in the
sultry environs, a masked stranger seduces Tom. The seeds of passion are sown,
but just who has ignited Tom’s passion?
Scott’s longing to know Tom leads him to join the elite
nightclub. On his first visit, the club holds a masquerade event.
Who is kissing who? Who’s under the black velvet mask?
About Elodie
I’m a writer who is in love with happy
endings. Currently based in the UK but thinking about joining the next flock of
birds I see heading south for the winter.
I love: music, art, animals, flowers,
trees, the ocean…
I work with antiques by day and words
by night.
Like a vampire, darkness is my friend,
that’s when the silence is only broken by an occasional hoot of owls in the
woodlands opposite my home, and I write.
Find Elodie online: Blog 
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