In the Spotlight: Elodie Parkes


When Connor Douglas
takes a tropical island holiday, he hopes to leave heartbreak behind. Little
does he know the extent of the danger and sexual temptation that awaits him.
Long after Jay
Levesque has closed down his operations on the very same tropical island, the
memory of Connor haunts him.
Warm nights and
scorching sex has someone’s heart in chains.
Read the teaser:
Dazed, Connor looked down at his feet. The ankle with the
locked metal cuff hurt. The soles of his feet were sweating onto the layer of
sand that had found its way onto the insoles of his Birkenstocks. The handcuffs rubbed on his wrists. Thirst gripped
him. Connor was miserable. He sat on the bed and bowed his head.
The two men left the hut.
Connor stood and tested how far the chain would let him
walk. He could get to the table and remarkably into the shower. The chain
grated along the tiled floor. Connor levered off his shoes and cooled his feet
on the colored tiles. He sat on the bed again and rested his hands on his
knees. He might be able to reach the shower, but he couldn’t do much in there
Confusion fought with fear in his mind and then a huge
drench of sorrow overtook both.
What the fuck is going
on? I wish Brad hadn’t left me. I wouldn’t be here if
The door opened.
Connor looked up. Jay stood there carrying a tray. He
stepped in and kicked the door closed behind him. He strode to the table and
put down the tray.
Connor watched stunned as Jay approached with a smile.
“I’m sorry, Connor. You see, you were in the wrong place at
the wrong time. It’s necessary for you to be our guest for a short time.” He
stood before Connor in a pair of faded jeans, bare foot, and bare chested, his
muscular torso on display.
Connor sighed inwardly. Despite his situation, he couldn’t help
gazing at the delicious man.
Jay bent and unlocked the handcuffs. He slipped them into
his back pocket.
“That’s not good, Connor. Have you been trying to get them
off?” He took Connor’s wrists in his hands one by one, and caressed the livid
bracelets left on Connor’s skin.
The effect on Connor was immediate and unwelcome. His
stomach clenched as he enjoyed the stroking along the inside of his wrists. In
the back of his mind, he railed against himself. Don’t enjoy his touch you fool.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016, Encompass Ink


About Elodie:
I’m a writer who is in love with happy
endings, currently based in southern UK.
I love: music, art, flowers, trees, the
ocean. I work with antiques by day and words by night. Like a vampire, darkness
is my friend, that’s when the silence is only broken by an occasional hoot of
owls in the woodlands opposite my home, and I write.


Find Elodie online: Blog  Facebook  FB  TwitteTsu  Google +  G+  Pinterest  Blog

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