Quotes from LeTeisha Newton

1 Day


@LeTeisha #OneHourGirl


Hi, my name is Celeste, and I’m addicted to sex and dangerous situations.


“You do your job well,” he whispered in my ear. His voice was low, seductive, and authoritative. “But I don’t pay for kicks.”


“Love didn’t exist for girls like me. We were filthy and disgusting. We were broken and dysfunctional at best. But Royce kissed me like I was perfect. Like I was some dusty porcelain doll that just needed a little care to shine again.”


“Tell me your fears, what makes you want to keep going. Give me your burdens and I’ll help you carry them.”


Would Royce make me forget the jagged pieces of my life? I don’t know. But looking at him was the stuff of dreams.


It was easier to believe that getting some sort of revenge for Celeste was tied to my need to fix broken things. Mend twisted fences and build on them, just so I could say it belonged to me and I’d made it better.
I would have been a liar.
I wanted her


“For an hour, you’re my hellcat. But throughout the day you’re Celeste Askew, the newest woman dating L.A.’s playboy billionaire.”


I hated him. Hated him. He knew it. He could see that dark need in me. He knew what I wanted and he could use it against me. And I was going to let him. I was going to let him do every little dirty thing he could think of to me, and I was going to love it.


“Celeste, I’m going to have you tonight. I’m going to spend enough money on you to make you sick, then I’m going to slide between your legs and make sure you will always remember me.”


I could have any woman in the world I wanted. That wasn’t being cocky, it was the truth. I didn’t have to spend money on them to get their panties to drop to their ankles – I just had to look at them. It was the story of my life. Celeste messed my head up. She told me no.


Hot and cold. We blew hot and cold with each other. I couldn’t breathe. The walls were closing in. No. Not normal. I couldn’t be what he wanted. I couldn’t. I was filthy, used, tossed aside.


Royce Mattherson, one of the richest men in America, sat on the floor and rocked L.A.’s greatest whore. He was clean, better than me, and normal. He was cocky, rough, and domineering, but he held me like I was priceless.


I kissed her, not sure what I was trying to say or what would work. I just knew I didn’t want to take her home and lose her. But I was afraid that’s exactly what was going to happen.


His arms, I realized as he lifted me into them and carried me into the house, were the only place in the world I wanted to be.
And I realized we were both lying to each other.
We would never be done after this weekend.


I once thought that Slick had been my addiction, the pusher for my one true desire in life.
I was wrong. If Slick was like coke, than Royce was something that hadn’t been created yet.
And I’d just ruined my life, because there wasn’t a rehab to get off him.


Let’s pretend our hunger for each other isn’t twisted up in our fucked up pasts and our coping mechanisms. Forty-eight hours where you are the only woman in the world for me, and I’m so lucky that you even gave me the chance.


“You can’t control every aspect of my life. We aren’t the sort to fall in love.”
“Then isn’t it fucking perfect that we found each other, because there is no one else I want in my bed, in my life, in that space where my heart used to be. You understand what I can’t give you, just as much as I know your heart is impossible to give. So fuck the heart and let me have you.”


I was on a rollercoaster, my mind spiraling between believing everything she said, and wanting to fight. I was standing on the edge, ready to jump and say fuck it all. Ready to crash and burn and finally be free of everything that weighed me down.






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