Hello Blog Hop


Welcome to my blog on this Hello Blog Hop #Hello2016!

We’re ringing in the New Year with lots of giveaways! And by sharing some fun and wacky facts about ourselves. There’s a new giveaway at each stop so be sure to visit them all!

Now about some quirky and wacky things about me or my blog. Hmm, let’s see.

#1 – About me. I have a colleague, and we have a lot in common. It’s not like we’re best buddies or what. Yes, we’re close, but not that close. So, the things that are in common between us are both of us can’t ride a bike or swim. That is true, I swear. Please don’t laugh. 🙂 Another thing is we often sprain our ankle. Yup, left or right, both of them. I don’t know why. I keep spraining my ankles. 😦 And then one more thing, my friend and I often suffer from migraine. I don’t think they’re wacky, huh? More like painful!

#2 – I almost always can feel it when there is a cockroach nearby. I hate cockroaches! Why on earth do I have such a strong radar toward them? 😦

#3 – My favorite fruit is banana fritters. ‘Nuff said.

#4 – There was a meme saying, more or less, that now it’s already 2016. Why am I still listening to songs from the 80s? Well, if you do that, don’t be embarrassed. I am listening to songs from the 60s these past days. What can I say? They are much, much, better than today’s songs imho.

#5 – I don’t like Adele and her songs.


Now, what about you? What weird/wacky things about you? Share with me here on the comment section. You will get the chance to WIN one PAPERBACK of the anthology of my short stories published by JMS Books, Love’s Home. Please check it out HERE. Your time is until January 14.

Love's Home Boxset

Sometimes you need a break, to get away somewhere, but in the end you always return to a place you call home. The saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, pretty or shabby, what matters is it’s your Love’s Home.

This collection features five of Iyana Jenna’s best-selling gay contemporary romance stories. A homeless PA finds a home in an actor’s life. An abduction almost steals a man from his loving boyfriend. A love triangle nearly ruins everything. A sex slave is rescued by an unlikely savior. A young man discovers a new home after he loses everything.

Contains the stories:

  • A Home for Jesse
  • A Single Black Rose
  • Misunderstandings
  • Will and Pleasure
  • Ya Like That?


Now go find out the wacky things of the participants in this blog hop! Shoo, shoo.



42 responses to “Hello Blog Hop

  1. Hi Iyana I can’t ride a bike or swim and I once sprained my ankle and had it bandaged at the hospital but the nurse did it wrong and I spent 3 months off work because my ligaments were damaged. Love 80’s music too and haven’t listened to Adele much.

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  2. hi Iyana
    I can’t ride a bike but I love swimming. I don’t sprain my ankles very often but I have snapped my Achilles tendon – I tend more towards stomach problems (multiple hernias, appendectomy, emergency Cesareans, gall bladder….you get my drift), I also TOTALLY know when cockroaches are around (and freak out every time), my music tastes are eclectic…never know what I might like but Adam Lambert is a given, as is P!nk

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  3. I always get sick over my Christmas break. This year it was with walking phenomen, Usually it’s bronchitis. I always have to read for I go to bed, even if it is a late night getting in.

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  4. I love to bake, but hate confectioner’s sugar. I just hate touching it, and the lumps. I’ll usually pick another recipe if I see it listed in the ingredients…

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  5. Five people in my immediate family. We all have different bloodtypes. All natural births; no adoptions, no affairs, no miscarriages. Dad=B+, Mom=A+, Me=A-, Sister=B-, Sister= AB-.

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  6. I am terrified of Popsicle sticks or rather wooden utensils or sticks touching my tongue! I also have difficulty watching other people enjoy Popsicles. A fear I inherited from my Dad who is also afraid of them!

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