New Release: Catfish Love Water #MMRomance #LGBT #Shortstory #99Cents


Catfish Love Water

By: Iyana Jenna
Published By: Fireborn Publishing, LLC.
Published: Jul 17, 2015
ISBN # 9781941984895
Word Count: 6,816
Heat Index

To help with his reading problems, Axel has a tutor teaching him. When she resigns, he gets a new one. But Axel will discover Richard is not all that he seems.

When his tutor suggests he pick a favorite book to get more motivated to learn to read, Axel chooses a gay romance novel. He ends up taking the book everywhere he goes, reading it slowly yet repeatedly until he can recite entire lines. When his tutor resigns, a new one comes to replace her. Richard is doing research on dyslexia for his next book by tutoring Axel, but struggles to remain an impartial observer. Working with such an attractive man turns out to be hard for Axel. Moreover, Richard has a difficult time keeping his secret under wraps.


Richard understood what Mr. Ryan, head of the Center, meant in his letter when he said this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. He had given up trying to convince his agent that nothing bad would come from it. His tutoring assignment would take only eight hours of his time every week. Two students hardly sounded daunting but taking things for granted was never Richard’s habit.

His agent had warned him, but a brooding seventeen-year-old, with brownish green eyes, clutching A Night to Remember by Kevin O’Riordan, wasn’t one of the problems they had talked about.

* * * *

Axel trotted out of the school yard. It was nearly empty by this time of the day and there was no one left at school that could upset him further. He stopped at the bus shelter and kept his eyes fixed on the ground so he wouldn’t see the stares of other people waiting for the bus. His knuckles whitened as he tightly clutched his well-worn novel.

“Hey, kid, you coming?” the bus driver shouted.

Axel’s head jerked up and he nodded, though saying nothing. Never again would he stay later than necessary because then his mom couldn’t pick him up as she had to get back to her office. Axel dreamed of having his own car. He could drive because his brother had taught him, but obtaining a driver’s license would be a headache.

So having a driver’s license wasn’t happening and he’d still have to stay late at school. He had to if he wanted to graduate this year.

Axel held the novel in his left hand while hugging his backpack close to his chest with his other as he climbed on to the bus. He took the seat closest to the door next to the window so he didn’t have to be on the receiving end of people’s stares again. They always knew. They knew he was different. And stupid. He turned to look out the window, gazing vacantly at rows of identical houses and at the open space in between each one. His muted sigh misted the cold windowpane but Axel’s mind was too far away to notice.

“Psst. It’s that stupid Axel. You know what?”


“He had to go back again this afternoon to finish his math exam. He keeps doing that for the other tests, too. But I guess there are dumber people.”


“The teachers, you idiot. If they would kick Axel out of this school for being too stupid, their work would be done.”

No one had seemed to care that Axel was sitting right there in the cafeteria, with his lunch untouched.

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