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Happy New Year from Evernight!

Now that the Christmas cookies are gone, gifts unwrapped, and your holiday visitors have left, you’ve earned some well-deserved TLC. Evernight authors not only have the cure for your holiday hangover, they have fantastic new books for your 2015 reading list, too!

Be sure to visit every stop on the hop and answer each question. The more you blogs you hop, the more chances to win the GRAND PRIZE of an iPad Mini sponsored by Evernight Publishing (one entry per blog). Plus, hop each blog for a host of other fabulous prizes.

So sink into your favorite chair and enjoy your holiday hangover!


So, hangover, eh? I’ve never been one to experience it, I swear! But, umm, not really. 😀

Well, I don’t drink alcohol for religious reasons, still I tried a teeny weeny bit of it. It was not even the evening when I had my orange drink spiked with some alcohol. And the result? I felt warm all over. Can you imagine it? It’s Jakarta, in the afternoon, with the average temperature of 30 to 31 degrees Celsius, and I drank perhaps half a mug of an alcoholic drink. My face felt hot and I think it blushed heavily. 😀

I didn’t really do anything for my hangover. I simply slept all the way through it in the night that came. Lucky I still had a night to get rid of my hangover before I had to get ready for the following morning! I don’t know if it helped but I also had a long bath. It certainly made me feel a lot cooler. 🙂


Well, Chance, Ryder, and Sebastian might not have to go over a hangover, but they will certainly give you another kind of it! 😀


asecondchance2small01Chance Devereux and Ryder Adkins have worked on the same TV series for three years and share a house near the set. Yet Chance can only watch from afar when Ryder gets engaged. Even though Chance is still deep in the closet, he can’t help be jealous.  

Since the first day of shooting, Ryder has had his sights on his costar, but Chance has a girlfriend and Ryder thinks Chance is straight. After years without a concrete result, Ryder decides to forget his desire to be with Chance and go back to Mike. 

During a hiatus, Chance does an interview with journalist, Sebastian Vanderbilt. Sebastian opens Chance’s eyes, and he decides he needs to make Ryder his. Can they work it out, or  are they all out of retakes?

Buy Links:

Evernight Publishing ~ Amazon ~ Bookstrand ~ All Romance Ebooks


About the Author:

Iyana writes M/M short stories and novellas. Her works have been published by Evernight Publishing, JMS Books, Books to Go Now, Torquere Press, Bitten Press, Leap of Faith Publishing, Breathless Press, and Alfie Dog Fiction.

Iyana lives in Jakarta, a city famous for its traffic jams, a lot of cars and motorcycles, and people selling stuff on the roads. You can spend two hours on the road going to a place you can reach in half an hour in a normal situation. Thanks to the traffic jams, though, Iyana can come up with a lot of stories, mostly shorties, as she prefers to spend the time during her trips writing into her cell phone rather than sleeping.

Another thing Iyana loves is kitties. Right now she has three of them. Their names are Cil, Horus, and Betsy, and one kitten. When she doesn’t write, she plays with them, or they would play with her when she writes.


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Enter for a chance to win Evernight’s GRAND PRIZE of an iPad Mini and my blog prize, a copy of my e-book, by answering this question (be sure to include your email address to be eligible to win):

What is the temperature of the city where the author lives?


Your Holiday Hangover continues here:

49 responses to “Evernight Holiday Hangover Blog Hop

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  2. right now when I looked it is saying it is 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Where I am right now it is in the lower 30’s and cloudy.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com


  3. 30 to 31 degrees Celsius in Jakarta. It’s freakishly warm where I am today, but not quite THAT warm!
    Happy New Year!


  4. “The average temperature of 30 to 31 degrees Celsius” Goodness you were brave and at least you slept and didn’t have a hangover maybe the bath did help.



  5. It’s currently 75 degrees F.
    Winter just started where I live & I already hate being cold.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com


  6. the average temperature of 30 to 31 degrees Celsius! =)

    Hope you have a great 2015! =)
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com


  7. The average temperature of 30 to 31 degrees Celsius.
    Thank you for participating in the hop and for the great giveaway!

    trb0917 at gmail dot com


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