A Reviewer's Corner: Cathy Brockman

Hi! I’m so happy to have Cathy Brockman today on our little corner. Welcome, Cathy!


  1. Hi! Please tell us a little about yourself. Hi! Thank you so much for inviting me here! I am honored! I am retired from 10 years in sales management. I live in the mid-south with my Hubby, dog, to kittens and 4 outdoor cats. I love to read, cook, sew, crochet and craft when I am not writing.
  2. Do you remember the first time you joined our Facebook writer-reader community? It has been so long ago I don’t remember exactly when or the first book I have read. What book(s) brought you here? Ive bought so many I couldn’t tell you the names of them all. I generally buy on average 4-6 books a month not counting the ones I receive for review.
  3. Do you also review for a blog? Yes I have reviewed for MMgoodbook reviews http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com/ since they began. I think it’s like going on 4 years now I was one of the first reviewers there. What is the most interesting experience you got so far? I reviewed one book that I had though would be so good from the blurb ad description. I wrote the review and was bashed by the author and her colleagues on Goodreads and amazon. I was stunned. It was a 3 star review. It took a few days but the situation was handled. I guess out of 4 years one author getting mad isn’t bad since I send in anywhere from 3-8 reviews a week on average. We do have so much fun in the group talking to each other and joking about someone trying to take our favorite authors or genres.
  4. What genre(s) interest you most? I will read just about any genre since I like variety. I read both MM and MF and occasionally FF. I like the contemporary, angsty, funny, and sweet stories as well as historical, new adult, YA and especially western and anything vampire or shifter or witchcraft. I prefer low to moderate heat but sometimes like a hotter racier story. Why? I love variety and trying new things.
  5. Are you also an aspiring author? Yes. How far are you with your writing? I have out one children’s book that is self-published called Luke’s Dragon by Cathy Boyd. I have two MF paranormal romances in final stages of edits and am hoping to publish one the last week of this month if all goes well with the editing and perhaps one by the end of the year. Love Bites ~~First Bites is up on good-reads now. I also have a short MM cowboy story at a publisher I am hoping to hear back on any day and am working on a new story I hope to release in segments free on my blog starting Fridays in November.


My website is called Cathy Brockman Romances. I share news about my writing, post cover releases, new releases and interviews about books I like or authors that I like or want to read. Reviews of books I love, fugal living ideas such as easy budget cooking on Sunday and fun simple crafts from trash or household items on Saturday plus upcoming in November a free serial story by me.



and I am one of the many minions at mmgoodbook reviews http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com/ and Naughty Tales for MF books. http://naughtytalesreviews.wordpress.com/



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