Blog Hop: A Snog for Sommer


We love a bit of Smut for good over here at Blisse towers and what is better than getting sexy and contributing to a good cause? Doing that and have it help out someone you know.

Sommer Marsden is a fantastically talented erotic romance author, Check out her blog, pick up a book or three, you won’t regret it!


Not only is she very talented she’s an all-round lovely lady. Anyone who’s had the pleasure to interact with her will tell you.

At the moment Sommer’s family are going through a really challenging time, her husband is fighting pancreatic cancer and it is putting a strain on then in many ways. What I’m hoping we can do with our Snog for Sommer is to help take a little of the financial strain off their shoulders.

So, how do you help? Well, Just hop around the different blogs and different snogs listed, you’ll find excerpts, original flash fiction, surprises and prizes and maybe even some hidden treasure! If you can donate too that would be absolutely wonderful.


My snog is taken from my upcoming story from Evernight Publishing, A Second Chance.



Morning came, and Chance was greeted with a smile from a man he barely remembered at first. When recollection slowly returned, Chance cracked a shy smile.

“Screwed up everything, didn’t I?” His voice was croaky from throwing up, and Sebastian, mumbling something by way of an answer, immediately got him a glass of water with a straw. Chance lifted himself up a little and sipped the water slowly, then sighed as he fell back on his pillow. “Thank you.” He still felt shaky and tired. Chance hardly realized his eyes were closing.



It took him several seconds to be aware of Sebastian’s presence so close to him, they were practically breathing the same air. Chance’s eyes flew open and he saw how Sebastian hesitated.

“I didn’t read you wrong, did I?” Sebastian’s eyes were fixed on his lips as he murmured.

Chance moaned quietly. The sight of Sebastian bending over above him, his eyes soft, was Chance’s undoing. When Sebastian finally closed the gap between them and he welcomed the light kiss, Chance thought nothing better could happen to him.



Please comment to this post to get a chance to win an e-book of A Second Chance when it’s out, and please check out this link to donate and to get to the other blogs in this hop!


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