New Releases and Release Party

I almost can’t believe it. I think I will have two releases this week. One is with Leap of Faith Publishing, the other JMS Books. For them I will have a release party that will be held on November 17, 2013. I planned it only for A Single Black Rose, initially, but I think it will be great also to include the release of A Boyfriend for Christmas. The party will be held on my fan page, Books by Iyana Jenna.

Cold, injured, and afraid his ex-boyfriend would come find him, Oliver chose to run away from the hospital and hid in his cabin on Christmas Day this year. Little did he know that Santa Claus and the Big Boss would drop a surprise for him through his fireplace. The surprise’s name was Derek.


When actor Sean O’Reilly receives a flower bouquet containing a single black rose on set, he assumes they’re from his boyfriend Nate. But they aren’t. Flowers keep arriving for him after that, each with a black rose in the arrangement. Soon other things arrive as well, such as photos and a recording of Sean’s voice. As the number of flowers dwindle with each bouquet, Sean begins to worry they’re supposed to be some kind of a countdown … but to what?

Fan Gene Scott worships Sean. He maintains a blog dedicated to the actor and writes out all his fantasies there. He wants Sean to belong to him, and only him, and he’ll do anything to make the actor his own. He can’t accept the fact that Sean has a boyfriend. To Gene, Nate might as well not exist.

Despite increased security and all efforts to keep him safe, Sean vanishes, and Nate feels as if his world has come tumbling down. When the police response is too slow for him, Nate enlists the help of his producer and bodyguard to find Sean. Will he manage to find his lover before Sean disappears forever? Or will Gene finally get what he’s always dreamed of, and make Sean the love of his life, instead?

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